News as at 2 September 2012

This spoiler-free step-by-step illustrated Deponia Walkthrough is a comprehensive easy-to-follow guide with Steam achievements

Task oriented pages, comments and links to items that may have been overlooked allow you to quickly find what you're looking for

Steam achievements are listed in the last index on the right

Steam version players (ideally anyone yet to reach the third stage) willing to help verify the achievements are asked to make contact via Live Chat (US evenings or early UK mornings)

Only some pictures are being added while the walkthrough is in development as some steps may be changed or moved

Latest Updates

Added step for Lever Lover Steam Achievement

Fully illustrated Clean the Mosaic

Fully illustrated Repair the Mosaic

Fully illustrated Take the Elevator

Updates will be less frequent while another guide is being written

This free video game walkthrough is for the PC

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